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Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Ummah Is Bleeding!!!

The Ummah is Bleeding::

These are trying times for the Ummah of Rasulullaah (Pbuh) but just as it is with the Sunnah of Allaah, it'll come and go. Sabr Ya ahlul Islam.

Everywhere you turn to, the Muslims have become a soft target. The most oppressed people on planet earth.

The hadith states that Allaah gives leeway to an oppressor, then when He grabs the oppressor none is there to rescue him from Allaah.

Where do you find down the history of the world's civilizations that innocent children are the target of oppressors except during the time of Pharaoh and now the Zionist regime of Israel..

Famine of just leaders, the world is crying out because it has never had this population of oppressive leaders on its back ever.

The media mouthpiece of the oppressors is disheartening and a deliberate tool to cause an atmosphere of despondency in the hearts of the Muslims.

As Muslims, we are encouraged not to despair of the Mercy of Allaah, He is in control, we turn to Him and He will in shaa rescue the Ummah.

Injustice is like a bubble, no matter how long it stays, it'll eventually burst into thin air. Allaah will destroy all the roots of oppression.

There can never be a justification for injustice. Those killed in Palestine, Burma, Nigeria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Bosnia, CAR might be deceased to the world but they are alive in the Sight of Allaah.

At least, we can use the agency of this Ramadan to cry to Allaah to help our oppressed brothers and sisters wherever they are.

Ya Salaam! Allaah is very very tolerant with His servants. He created them from a quintessence of fluid yet man insults Him and kills those that believe in Him.

Read Qur'an in abundance and at the end of your recitation supplicate to Allaah to bring succor to our Palestinian, Burma, Borno....Muslims.

Friday, 4 July 2014

The Anatomy of Our Era IV

We live in an era where speaking against oppression and the oppressors attracts another oppression against the speaker.

We the Muslims are being killed in all the nooks and crannies of the world, yet the oppressors are portraying themselves as the victims.

We are living in an era where being a practicing Muslim is an open invitation to death both on the local and international arena.

As vulnerable as the Muslims are, and as oppressed as we are, yet we still find time to glorify the satanic culture the oppressors promote.

Can you begin to imagine the statistics of Muslims that are being killed, displaced, oppressed each hour of the day? Yet we are the terrorists?

In some parts of the world, we are being oppressed into not fasting during this month, yet we are the black sheep of this era?

I say this without any fear of contradiction that we the Muslims are the MOST TOLERANT people this world has ever seen.

Kill a dog mercilessly and the animal rights activists will drag you to jail...but kill a Muslim, you get a pat on your shoulder with a smile.

Study the history of oppression, it has always being falsehood trying to oppress the Truth but it never succeeds.

Cherish your Islam and hold tightly onto it.

Don't ever feel guilty of a crime you haven't committed. Islam advocates for peace and Justice. Never ever abandon a righteous deed for the sake of the oppressors.

We ask Allaah to disintegrate the strength of the oppressors whoever they are and wherever they are.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Episode 5 Keeping Up With The Sahabah (RA)!!

Rasulullah (Pbuh) said: "The person in whose heart there is an iota of pride will not enter Jannah." 

Ahh! the Sahabah (RA) were on a different level…..physically and spiritually. My vocabulary is too shallow to begin to paint the image of how humble these shining stars of our glory days were….

Undoubtedly, the Sahabah were tutored by the best hence they graduated as the best. 

Did you know that AbuBakr bin Abu Quhafah (RA) would go around in Madinah milking goats for its residence even though he was the Khalifah? Tell me, which leader today sees it normal to sit with his gardeners….

Did you know that the commander of the faithfuls 'Umar bin Al-khattab (RA) ruled over 2.2 million square miles yet when he entered Ash-Sham, he rode on a camel and the people were perplexed suggesting that he should have rode on a fast horse? Humility personified!

Did you know that 'Umar bin Al-Khattab (RA) taught women how to make Assedah (a paste made from flour and clarified butter)?

Did you know that "Umar bin Al-Khattab (RA) and Uthman bin Affan (RA) would allow people to ride with them on their animals {an act they learnt from Rasulullah (Pbun)} out of humility? They sought to make life easy for commoners unlike us today.

Did you know that Uthman bin Affan (RA) would fetch water for himself at night for ablution (no privilege of boreholes and water taps) even though he was the Khalifah and he would say he doesn't need his servants to that because the night is for them to rest? Humility…

Did you know that Ali bin Abi Talib (RA) would go to the market places to guide lost people, announce lost items, and offer a helping hand to those who need it even though he was the Khalifah?

Did you know that Salmaan Al-Farsi (RA) would weave his own baskets even though he was the commander of twenty thousand man army at Madaa'in?

Did you know that three things form the core of humility by the definition of Ali bin Abi Talib (RA)?
They are: 
  1. To be the first to greet others (don't wait to be greeted first).
  2. To be contented with an inferior position in a gathering rather than aspiring to be seen and known or to be on the high table).
  3. To dislike ostentatious display and boastfulness.
From the above excerpts it is now vivid before us that the people that had the most to feel superior were in fact foremost in displaying absolute humility.

I've said it before and I'll reiterate objectively, a humble man attracts not only the love of his friends but he also leaves his enemies with no option of hatred.

References:*Imam Ahmad in kitabu Zuhd*,* Ibn Assakir*,*kanzul Ummal*,*Ibn Sa'd*,*Targheeb wat Tarheeb*

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Who is And Who isn't Civilized?

Who is and who isn't civilized?

A wise man seeks to identify the purpose of his creation and strives to perfect that purpose.

The tragedy of our era is that death no longer serve as an eye opener to us. We see footage of massacre and that's all about it.

The youth, oh how I cry for us...we are being duped into adopting and appreciating a fake life.

The arrogance with which people declare their blatant disobedience against the orders of Allaah sends a shiver down the spine of any man with a sane and balanced understanding.

This one says she's a lesbian, the other one says he's a gay, the third says he's neither of the two but he's regular fornicator and adulterer. Only few are save from this devilish chain.

Man has grown wings that he no longer fears his Creator. Well, the Day Allaah will cause the grave to squeeze his ribs he will realize what he has bargained for.

Girls sleeping with boys, boys sleeping with girls, parents busy acquiring wealth while their wards are being exposed to Hell.

Oh my sister, do not unveil yourself, do not appear immoral, I swear by Allaah your regrets will be irreversible when you are lowered into your grave.

Muslim women moving around with exposed hair, men dressing like women wearing chains, skinny jeans, plating their hair.

The moral barrier between men and women has been broken we no longer see the difference between the two sexes.

Sinning has been made so easy and appealing that we no longer see sins as sins but rather we see sins as norms.

My message is, at least if we cannot be ashamed of the creation we should be ashamed of the Creator Whose Gaze is above us.

Man is a sufficient proof against himself.

I know my wrongs and you know your wrongs why not just abandon the wrongs and be a better Muslim?

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Jannah Is Worth It!!!

Paradise is beautiful. 

We work here, to reap there. Jannah is the goal. 

We must be patient in worshiping Allaah if we aspire for Jannah. 

In Jannah, there are things the eyes have never seen, ears have not heard, mind has never thought of. 

Allaah uses the term "inheritance" when talking about Jannah. Inheritance is the only form of property acquisition thats irrevocable. 

Perform Tahajjud, seek for Allaah's forgiveness, feed the poor and in Jannah you will have that which pleases you. 

A wise man concerns himself with that which will earn him the pleasure of Allaah. 

Explore all legitimate means to attract the Mercy of Allaah unto yourself. 

Everything in Jannah is not subjected to diminishing effect. The enjoyment in Jannah is ever on the increase to abide forever and ever. 

Everything of this world is subjected to end. Our beauty will fade away, our strength will be replaced with weakness, life with death. 

Those who fear Allaah will be in Jannah of delight. Eating and drinking as they please. They will be united with their families who followed them in Eeman.

Do you know what? The highest pleasure in Jannah has got to be seeing Allaah face to face….. 

Those who eschew music and musical instruments will have the maidens of Jannah sing for them when they are in. 

Those who abstain from the forbidden wine of this world will have rivers of wine in Jannah. This wine does not intoxicate nor cause headache. 

The time is drawing nigh…….death is just lurking around the corner. Believe in Allaah and couple it with good righteous deeds. 

People love 'chilling' and thats legitimate as long as its from a legitimate source but if you wanna sustain your 'chilling' worship Allaah. 

In Jannah, you 'chill' all the way. 

Mansions upon mansions built alternately with gold and silver bricks mortared with saffron. This is not a fairy tale, this is a fact. 

In gardens of Jannah, on raised couches, high pavilion beneath which rivers flow…rivers of pure water, wine, milk and honey. Jannah it is. 

O man! which of the favors of Allaah will you turn a blind eye to? Jannah is calling…. 

Allaah says: He shall not decrease the reward of the deeds of the believers in islamic Monotheism. 

You wanna be exposed to the reality of a barbecue, Allaah says: "And We shall provide them with fruit and meat such as they desire."Q52:22.

In Jannah, you will hear no nonsense. 

Those in Jannah will be shielded from the noise pollution of those screaming in Hell so that their 'chilling' does not suffer disturbance. 

As an architect, I appreciate the therapeutic effect of beautiful gardens and water fountains and swimming pools…In Jannah they are there for us In shaa Allaah.

Whoever fears the standing before Allaah for questioning and does good deeds has been promised two gardens in Paradise.
Those that will make it to Jannah will recline upon couches lined with silk brocade, having fruits drawn closest to them. Just b a good Muslim.

In Jannah, you will see no nonsense. 

Allaah asks a question that pierces through our hearts: "Is there any reward for good other than good?" Q55v60.