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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Echoes of Da'awah!!!

Assalamu alaikum warahmatullaahi wabarakatuh believing brothers and sisters. 

Life is riddled with obedience and disobedience. Sometimes you feel a high level of spiritual closeness to Allaah and sometimes you dine with the devil. 

In whatever circumstance we find ourselves in, we must strive our utmost to please Allaah. 

We must not shy away from our duties as Muslims and we should maintain our Islamic identity wherever we are and whoever we are.

Just as sins deprive us of closeness to Allaah they equally cause physical and emotional pains.

The ever raging problem with most of us today is that we spend time analysing the sins of others least realising how far we've deviated from the truth ourselves.

Whenever we feel we are more truthful to Allaah than others, suffice to say that we are farther away from Allaah than others.

We must recognise the fact that our closeness to Allaah is our distance from ourselves.

We must desist from sinning and equally from judging people when in reality we don't know where they stand in the Sight of Allaah and whether Allaah has actually accepted our seemingly good deeds.

We must encourage one another on the path of truth, and more so we must be willing to do what Allaah asks us to do. 

Our obedience to Allaah is a legitimate tool for erasing our sins.

Believing brothers and sisters in Islam, don't isolate Islam to a particular concept, thereby fearing Allaah in that alone and forgetting Him in other aspects.

We must seek for Allaah's pleasure in our 'Ibadah, businesses, academics, leadership, marriage, and in everything because Islam encompasses the ideal culture of humanity. 

We pray Allaah forgive our repeated sinning and we pray Allaah save us from the disgrace of this world and the Hereafter.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

A Spiritual Dosage!!!

A spiritual Dosage!

Man has been inherently equipped with wickedness and nobility (reference to the 8th verse of Surat Ash-Shams), whichever one he chooses to nurture and nourish that shall dominate.

Allaah says: "Indeed he succeeds who purifies his ownself (by responding to the angelic inspiration within his soul)." 

As for he who chooses to nurture and nourish the evil and Satanic whispering within his soul, Allaah has confirmed his failure in both the world.

Indeed the true bondsmen of Allaah are those who when the inherent wickedness within their souls provokes them to club, to party, to commit Zina, to steal, to lie, to drink intoxicants, to smoke away their lives, to expose their nudity on social media, to promote obscenity, to listen to Music, to delay or abandon Salat, they instantly remember Allaah and immediately Allaah comes to their rescue and they abandon the filthy and evil thoughts. (In reference to the 201st verse of Surah Al-A'raf)

But the evil ones will not hesitate to actualize the Satanic whispering and devilish thoughts flashing through their minds.

The choice is undoubtedly ours to make, we either respond to the righteousness within us or we unleash the inherent wickedness within us.

The former choice begets Jannah and the latter choice begets Jahannam. YOU CHOOSE!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The Celebrated Menace II

In the Name of Allaah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful.

"And (remember) Lut, when he said to his people: "You commit immoral sins which none has preceded you (in committing) it in all creatures)." "Verily, you practice sodomy with men, and rob the wayfarer! And practice Al-Munkar in your meetings." Q29:28-29

In the history of humanity, the first people to initiate the act of sodomy (homosexuality) were the people of Prophet Lut. Audhubillah!

It was part of the characteristics of the people of Prophet Lut (the homosexuals) to rob the wayfarers.

The homosexuals in the time of Prophet Lut (AS) would make obscene talks in their gatherings. They used to have intercourse in public.

The homosexuals used to have funny hairstyles, shaving one side and leaving the other. Today our youths are guilty of this funny hairstyles.

The homosexuals used to sag their lower garments (trousers), today we have our youths totally glorifying this abominable lifestyle.

The homosexuals have a twisted lust that Prophet Lut (AS) offered them his daughters (women of the nation) , they said NO, we want men....

"By Allaah, I do not know any people on the face of earth more wicked and disgusting than these people (homosexuals) of this town." Lut (AS) Tafseer of Ibn Katheer under Suratul Hud.

We are living in an era where everything evil and disgusting is being glorified by the proponents of the 21st century civilization.

There was a consensus among the Sahaabah that there is no sin that brings worse consequences than homosexuality.

Homosexuality is indicative of violation of the fitrah (inherent pure state), total misguidance, weak intellect and lack of religiosity which must be disallowed.

We say to those paid researchers and scientists that Homosexuality is not in the genes, Allaah hasn't created man with a twisted lust...

The evil souls have fallen deeper in the abyss of sins and insanity that they come up with gay Muslim society and masajid. Allaah is Watching!

An act that even animals will detest, man is celebrating. Indeed, they have stoop so low that the animals are now better than them.

Allaah punished those who were guilty of homosexuality in a way that He did not punish other nations.

It's a competitive world, hence gayism begets lesbianism. What about being a righteous and obedient servant of Allaah?

No sin is unpardonable by Allaah even shirk is pardoned after sincere repentance. Hence, we call upon the gay Muslims to repent to Allaah.

As Muslims, we are against Homosexuality and we will never stop speaking against it. Our loyalty is to Allaah not to Satan.

May Allaah out of His Mercy cure those suffering from the disease of a twisted lust called homosexuality and bring them back to His servitude.

Monday, 3 November 2014

Journey Of The Soul 1

Journey of the Soul

Kun Saadiqan fee ni'yyatika, Mukhlisan fee 'amalika...Be truthful in your intention and sincere in your deeds.

A man will be exposed to the reality of his final destination before his soul departs from his body. What plans do you have ahead?

Grave is the first of the Hereafter's domiciles, if you make it in the grave what is going to follow it after resurrection is going to be better and if you fail in the grave it will be your worst nightmare and what is to come of Hell Fire will be worse.

The interview in the grave is an inescapable reality, how prepared are we?
Our inordinate rivalry in wanting to outdo one another in materialism has deluded us away from the reality of grave, nay the Hereafter.

At that moment when Allaah decrees the divorce between our body and soul, we will come to know if we were riding on a horse or a mule.

The soul of the pious believers in Islamic Monotheism with correct Aqeedah (creed) devoid of shirk and bid'ah is taken gently placed on a shroud from Jannah with an embalmment from the fragrance of Jannah, celebrated by all the angels between the heavens and the earth and escorted by the elite angels of each heaven up until the seventh heaven where Allaah will be pleased with the soul.

The unbeliever, the sinner doesn't make it to the first heaven, he's cursed by the angels utterly rejected by Allaah destined for severe punishment in the grave morning and evening.

Even in the grave it's all about Tawheed (legitimate Monotheistic believe): Who is your Lord? What is your Deen? What can you say about the Man sent among you?

What has put us into a deception about Allaah? Is it politics? Is it entertainment? Is it social media? Is it wealth acquisition? What is it?

Death is lurking around the corner.

The Hereafter has been referred to as the Day when all secrets will be exposed. Our hands, legs, skins will bear witness for or against us.

Fear Allaah at all times, know that you were created alone, you will die alone, you will be resurrected alone and you will give account of your deeds alone.

At the end, we either go to Jannah or Jahannam. It depends on our aspiration.
May Allaah purify our souls and may He favor us with an enviable death.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Mutual Rivalry: Our Dilemma

Mutual Rivalry: Our Dilemma

Allaah has honored us, He has bestowed intellect on us, He has perfected our creation, He constantly provides for us, the only thing He is asking from us is to live a life of total conformity with Qur'an based on the Sunnah of His Messenger, Muhammad bin Abdullah (Pbuh).

Nobody knows the creation more than Allaah and He has perfectly described the nature of humans in numerous places in the Glorious Qur'an and one such apt description is:

"The Mutual Rivalry for Piling Up (Materialism) of worldly things diverts you." Q102:1

Ibn Katheer, an intellectual giant in the field of Tafseer said: "Allaah says that all are preoccupied by love of the world, its delights and its adornments, and this distracts you from seeking the Hereafter and desiring it. This delays you until death comes to you and you visit the graves thus becoming its inhabitants."

I cry, and I cry and I continue to cry at the lamentable and pathetic state that we the Muslims of today find ourselves in. It is inconceivable that the Muslims of today especially the youth could stoop so low by mortgaging their modesty and bashfulness for a miserable price of this world. So many vices taking their toll on the Muslim youth but nothing has plagued the Muslim youth today like the evil of social media.

Safe to say that majority of the youth today that are found wanting in terms of moral and spiritual uprightness are victims of the negative slogans of the social media tools we have at our disposal. These tools just like any other tool can be used positively or negatively depending on the aspiration of the user (either aspiring for Jannah or Jahannam).

Islamic culture has two distinctive features: Morality and Simplicity; while our lustful and materialistic civilization has immorality and extravagance.
The most vulnerable generation today is that of the teenagers, they perfect the art of mutual rivalry and this never ending quest for social recognition and fame has duped many of them into adopting a repugnant lifestyle.

The competition in materialism; who appears more beautiful, who wears what, who uses what gadget, who drives what car, who visits where, who knows who and the list is endless. 

Hayah loosely translated as modesty, bashfulness has left our homes hence, the youth compete with one another to gain fame through the display of their nudity. Some you would swear are not Muslims until you hear their names.

Young young girls glorifying nudity and prostitution for stipends. Some in their desperate bid to be recognized outdo one another in immorality. 
Islam is a religion that glorifies shame and modesty. Allaah prohibits not only immorality and shameful deeds but also closes all the avenues that could lead to an immoral atmosphere.

Allaah says: "Come not near shameful deeds, whether open or secret." Surah al-An'am :151

The inherent natural instinct of each individual is to worship Allaah and to be modest in all affairs but when we give in to societal pressures we tend to lose our identity and that is exactly the quagmire we find ourselves in today.

Our innocence as humans must not be allowed to be corrupted because of our blind quest to satisfy our ego. Don't follow the crowd, follow the Sunnah.

Allaah paints the image of the regret of the sinners who kept bad companies as thus: "And remember the Day when the wrongdoer will bite at his hands, he will say: "Oh! would that I had taken a path with the Messenger." Ah! Woe to me! Would that I had never taken so-and-so as an intimate friend." Q25:27-28

Some are introduced to all sorts of vices through their friends. We compete with one another in negative ways and this has blinded us from Jannah.

Once upon a time, the women of this Ummah epitomized modesty and bashfulness, today our women take pride in exposing their bodies on instagram and other social media platforms.

The untamed desire to maintain an elite profile in the society has led many youth to commit the most heinous of deeds. Mutual rivalry has blinded us thus responsible for our lazy attitude towards the worship of Allaah.

Most of us feel deprived if we can't post the type of picture others are posting, if we can't display the type of ring, wristwatch and clothes others are displaying. 

What can we do to deflate our ego and to energize our souls towards healthy competition? Competition is somehow intrinsic to human nature hence Islam didn't come to suppress our innate nature but rather to direct it towards that which pleases Allaah and guarantees entry into the Ultimate Gardens of the Palatial Homes of Paradise. 

Allaah in His inimitable style says: "In good ways compete with one another." Brothers and sisters in Islam, I am a traveller in this world and I guess we all are, what do I stand to gain or to impress you with other than fulfilling my responsibility as a fellow Muslim who aspires for Jannah.

We must be willing to abandon our filthy lifestyle and this can only be a reality if we start sitting in the company of the righteous.

We must impress upon our souls that whatever fame or fortune we gain from this world it is bound to perish, that which is with Allaah abides forever.

If I drive the latest car or use the latest phone what has that got to do with my rating in the Sight of Allaah? Many are out there to encourage us to die on the path of falsehood, they praise us when we disobey Allaah and frown at us when we obey Allaah. Beware!

There is many more to write but I believe this will suffice the seekers of truth.

Allaah loves those servants of His who have sinned and recognized His Clemency and turn to Him for forgiveness and repentance. And who is there besides Allaah that can forgive all sins?

Don't be deluded by this world. I end with this: "You will die the way you lived and be resurrected the way you died." - Hadith